BVOF’s Top 5 #BVOFTogetherAtHome Videos

Here are our Top 5 most viewed #BVOFTogetherAtHome videos. We would enjoy hearing which one is your favorite? Maybe it was one that didn’t make the Top 5.


Number 5: Amy Gillen & Tara Viscardi Perform “Inisheer”



Amy Gillen: Insta | Facebook

Tara Viscard: Website | Insta | Facebook


Number 4: Rory Dunne’s Practical Guide To Enjoying Opera During Lockdown



Rory Dunne: Insta | Facebook

Number 3: Ciaran Meeting of the Waters


Number 2: Gulfshore Opera’s Elixir of Love – Anthony Kearns



Anthony Kearns: Website | Facebook

Number 1: The BVOF Chorus Performs The Anvil Chorus