From the Beatles to U2

From May 27th to June 3rd, it’s all about opera, as the Blackwater Valley Opera Festival comes to near-neighbours Lismore. You’ll get B&B, dinner, premium opera tickets to Handel’s Giulio Cesare, plus a nice glass of champagne in the grounds of Lismore Castle, from €659 for two, see castlemartyrresort.ie.
We’re delighted to share some noteworthy coverage from The Irish Times that highlights the unique intersection of hospitality and musical excellence we’ve fostered in collaboration with Castlemartyr Resort, our Preferred Hotel Partner for the Blackwater Valley Opera Festival 2024. It frames our festival’s collaboration with Castlemartyr Resort while celebrating our rich musical legacy alongside Castlemartyr Resort’s dedication to superior hospitality experiences. Our partnership with Castlemartyr Resort is designed to ensure that every aspect of our guests’ stay enhances the exceptional opera performances that are the cornerstone of this year’s Blackwater Valley Opera Festival. This collaboration is a testament to our ongoing efforts to provide festival-goers with a memorable experience, combining the thrill of opera with the comfort of first-class accommodation.

As we look forward to welcoming both guests and performers to Blackwater Valley Opera Festival 2024, we  invite you to discover the special packages offered by Castlemartyr Resort and join us for an event that promises to enchant you with world-class opera performances and immerse you in the luxury and elegance of one of Ireland’s premier hotels. 

Explore Giulio Cesare at Lismore Castle – as part of Blackwater Valley Opera Festival. Don’t miss out!

Visit Castlemartyr Resort for your opportunity to “orchestrate” the perfect cultural getaway, where every detail is “tuned” to perfection, from the first note of the overture to the final curtain call!