A Mother’s Day Celebration at Castlemartyr

In the heart of East Cork, Blackwater Valley Opera Festival presented an exquisite Mother’s Day Classical Celebration at the award-winning 5 Star Castlemartyr Resort, the Preferred Hotel Partner of BVOF. This event was held on Sunday, 10th March 2024, and offered guests a rare fusion of superb classical music and gourmet dining within the resort’s luxurious surrounds.

The Castlemartyr Resort, set on 220 acres of woodland and greens, and featuring the ruins of a 13th-century castle alongside a restored 17th-century manor house, provided a backdrop of historical elegance and natural beauty, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere of the day.

Complementing the musical experience was the exceptional cuisine served at the Canopy Restaurant, part of the event’s exclusive Concert & Lunch Package. Guests were treated to a gastronomic journey that matched the high notes of the performance, with dishes that were as visually stunning as they were delicious. The culinary team at Canopy Restaurant went above and beyond to ensure that every bite contributed to the day’s theme of luxury and celebration.

The concert’s programme was a carefully curated selection of works by some of the most revered composers. The talents of Doireann O’Carroll on piano, mezzo-soprano Sarah Luttrell, and soprano Bláthnaid Nicholson brought to life the timeless pieces of Andrew Lloyd Webber, George Frederic Handel, George Gershwin, Richard Strauss, Giacomo Puccini, Claude Debussy, and Englebert Humperdinck. Each performance was a tribute to the genius of these composers, ranging from the operatic grandeur of Puccini’s arias to the lyrical beauty of Debussy’s compositions, and the evocative melodies of Gershwin, all contributing to an atmosphere of refined celebration. Each artist brought their unique flair and immense talent to the stage, delivering performances that resonated deeply with the audience. Their selection of classical pieces perfectly complemented the occasion, creating a tapestry of sound that was both enthralling and deeply moving.

This unique celebration was graced by notable attendees, including Dr. Stanley Quek, proprietor of Castlemartyr Resort, and Brendan Comerford, the general manager, both adding to the event’s prestige. Matt Brooker’s photographic talent ensured that the memories of the day were beautifully captured, and the piano, provided by Jeffers of Bandon, added an extra layer of elegance to the performances.

The beautifully planned details of the celebration, from the music to the meal, ensured that every attendee felt the joy and appreciation inherent in Mother’s Day.

The Blackwater Valley Opera Festival’s Mother’s Day Classical Celebration was more than just an event; it was a journey of musical and culinary excellence, set against the backdrop of Castlemartyr Resort’s stunning beauty. This event was not only a testament to the universal language of music but also a beacon of the enduring partnership between BVOF and Castlemartyr Resort, celebrating the best of heritage, hospitality, and the arts.


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